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It's been forty years since Shin-ei produced the Uni-Vibe, and time has now taken us full circle. We are proud to announce the availability of our new chorus/vibrato effect, "Vibe-Bro". Vibe-Bro nails the tone, look, feel, sound and that indefinable "chocolate smoke" only found in the early production vintage Honey and Shin-ei, Uni-Vibe effects. Made popular in the 60's by iconic guitar legends Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, and Robin Trower to name a few, the original Honey and Shin-ei "vibes" are legendary and coveted by those who play live and record with vintage effects. Vibe-Bro's deep, luscious warmth and trademark pulsating bottom end will take you back to the day when analog ruled, and pure tone was yet-to-be compromised by the dawn of the digital world. Engineered with the goal of achieving the ultimate tone and replication of the sound of our historic Honey and Shin-ei vintage Uni-Vibe units, Vibe-Bro will more than meet the expectations of the serious musician. So plug it in and fire this baby up! Your ears will be glad you did!

Vibe-Bro Machine Gun Gray
Vibe-Bro Vintage Black


Vibe-Bro is the result of several years of intense planning, experimentation and plain old down and dirty hard work. Created by a team of respected industry professionals, we wanted to recreate the past as closely as possible (we are "old school" guys) and yet add some modern day design techniques without denigrating the natural tone and personality of the original circuit. It was not easy. Design changes were made up until the last minute (and will constantly be made when needed) to give the player a truly great tonal and playable experience.

Every Vibe-Bro is hand built by a team who really cares about quality. Sometimes several hours are spent by the "Shin-ei Tone Team" tweaking a unit for its maximum goodness. Vibe-Bro is not going to be a mass produced effects pedal. Production numbers are small so great care can be taken to voice each individual unit as close to the originals as possible. We want the user to be able to stand Vibe-bro side by side next to our original vintage vibe units and hear no noticeable difference. We believe we have achieved that goal. When you play one, we think you will too.

Vibe-Bro Rear


We've added some desirable features to the Vibe-Bro complementing its original iconic design:

  • TRUE BYPASS - You want "TRUE BYPASS" ability? You got it!
  • VINTAGE PREAMP SIGNAL PATH - You want to include the original "PREAMP" circuit as part of your signal path when the effect is off? No problem!
  • FLEXIBILITY - Our innovative circuitry has made it possible to use the device in either the "TRUE BYPASS" or the original vintage vibe circuit "PREAMP" mode when the front footswitch is in the OFF position. Just set the "BYPASS-PREAMP" slider switch on the back panel of the unit to your signal path of choice. To our knowledge, this is a unique feature not found on any other currently produced vintage style chorus/vibrato unit.
  • SIZE MATTERS - Vibe-Bro has been engineered to be pedal board friendly. Measuring 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 2 1/2" it will take up about 20% less space than an original Uni-Vibe. Speaking of size, we have chosen a very small signal path switch for the back of the unit. The user will need a small key or screwdriver to set the signal path choice. We designed this intentionally so the switch could not be broken or the signal path accidentally changed from its desired choice.
  • QUALITY UNDER THE HOOD - Vibe-Bro has been built using many NOS electronic parts, electronic components and original Shin -ei "old school" flavoring. Check out the footswitch! It features the "Shin-ei" logo on it just like many of our pedals did back in the day! Vibe-Bro production units feature original NOS Japanese Miyama Chorus/Vibrato switches as well as a Miyama on/off switch. Some of these older parts are impossible to find and only divine intervention by the "Vibe Gods" has made this possible.
  • SHE COMES IN COLORS - Vibe-Bro is offered in both "VINTAGE BLACK" and "MACHINE GUN GRAY" and occasionally some custom colors as well. Due to production scheduling, not all colors are available at all times.
  • VIBE-BRO SPEAKS OTHER LANGUAGES - Vibe-Bro is produced in international voltages besides the stadard 120 volt North American models. International Vibe-Bro models are available in 100V, 220V and 240V.

Vibe-Bro Pedal Black
Vibe-Bro Foot Pedal
Vintage Foot Pedal


Vibe-Bro is offered with an optional vintage period designed speed control foot pedal. Engineered to the specs of the original first year Honey Uni-Vibe "DOUBLE RUBBER" series, the controller varies the speed of the effect. When rocked backward into "CANCEL MODE", the effect will be disabled but the signal will still pass through the "PREAMP" stage of the unit just like the original units of the 60's. When connected, the speed control foot pedal will function normally regardless of where the rear Bypass-Preamp switch is set.

Our speed control foot pedals comes in two different models:

  • The "VIBE-BRO SPEED CONTROL FOOT PEDAL" - Designed exclusively for use with the Vibe-Bro, this model features a right angled din connector keeping those with spastic feet as far away as possible from the connector while stepping on the front footswitch. The "VIBE-BRO SPEED CONTROL FOOT PEDAL" comes with matching color top and bottom halves.
    For those who favor a more vintage look, a "CHROME TOP OPTION" will be available for a short time only until supplies run out. Like the Vibe-Bro, the VIBE-BRO SPEED CONTROL FOOT PEDAL is available in VINTAGE BLACK and MACHINE GUN GRAY.

  • THE "SHIN-EI "HONEY SERIES" VINTAGE SPEED CONTROL FOOT PEDAL" - A super accurate, direct vintage replacement for those who have vintage 1960/70's Uni-Vibe units in need of an original design pedal. This model features an NOS RED AND BLACK CANCEL SWITCH just like the switch found on the original vintage models forty years ago. The SHIN-EI "HONEY SERIES" VINTAGE SPEED CONTROL FOOT PEDAL is finished in a texture very similar to our 1960's and 70's vintage units and is only available in "VINTAGE SHIN-EI GRAY.


    When the speed control foot pedal is plugged into the unit, Vibe-Bro senses this and immediately disables the speed control knob on the front control panel. The rear Bypass-Preamp switch is non-functional when the effect is on and the foot pedal is engaged. Whatever state the rear Bypass-Preamp switch is currenty set to will be the status of the front footswitch when it is stepped on to turn the effect off. When the speed control foot pedal is not plugged into the unit, the speed knob will be functional when the effect is enabled. When the effect is disabled and the rear signal path switch is set to "PREAMP", the volume knob will be functional just like our original vintage units.

    NOTE: The VIBE-BRO SPEED CONTROL FOOT PEDAL and the SHIN-EI "HONEY SERIES" VINTAGE SPEED CONTROL FOOT PEDAL are "NOT" interchangeable. They are separate models designed and wired uniquely for their intended devices. Please make sure you order the correct foot control pedal for your device.


    • VIBE-BRO DIMENSIONS - 8.5" X 5.5" X 2.5" (21.59cm X 13.97cm X 6.35cm)
    • VIBE-BRO WEIGHT - 3 lbs. 10 oz. (1.6 Kgm)
    • VIBE-BRO SPEED CONTROL FOOT PEDAL DIMENSIONS - 9.5" X 3.8" (widest point) X 1.5" (tallest point) (24.13cm X 9.65 cm X 2.54cm)
    • VIBE-BRO SPEED CONTROL FOOT PEDAL WEIGHT - 1 lbs. 12 oz. (.80 Kgm)
    • VIBE-BRO ELECTRONICS - Vibe-Bro runs on 120 Volts, the standard current in North America. A removable IEC wall cable is provided with each unit manufactured for use in North America. We do offer international versions in 100 Volts, 220 Volts and 240 Volts.


    The Vibe-Bro and any of the optional speed control foot pedals are warrantied for one year from date of purchase. After the first year of warranty has passed, Honey Shin-ei LLC will extend the warranty on a case by case basis as it sees fit. Basically, if any of our products have issues (other than normal wear) and are found by us to be faulty but not abused by the user, we will do our best to repair the item. In the event an item needs to be returned whether under original warranty or any extended warranty, the user will pay shipping costs to return it to us and we will bear the shipping costs to return it to the user. The warranty is only valid for the original buyer of the item. There are no user serviceable parts inside our products.


    Your 100% satisfaction is our mission in life!

Vibe-Bro Machine Gun Gray

Sights and Sounds

Carson Brock Demonstrates "Vibe-Bro"

Mark Kassa Demonstrates "Vibe-Bro"

Oz Noy

"Oz's Pedal Board!"

"New York City, 7-26-2016"

Eric Johnson

"A Man And His Vibe-Bro!"

"Austin, TX 5-5-2016"

Doyle Bramhall II
Doyle Bramhall II

"Finding a Spot For Vibe-Bro"

"Experience Hendrix Tour"

"Grand Prarie, TX 3-3-2016"

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Experience Hendrix †our

Clearwater, FL 2-25-16

Phil Brown
Phil Brown

Nashville, TN 2-21-16

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Seminole, FL 2-24-16

Vibe-Bro #1

Vibe-Bro #1

Vibe-Bro #1

Vibe-Bro #1

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Experience Hendrix Tour

Clearwater, FL 2-25-16

Carson Brock
Carson Brock

Austin, TX 5-2-16

Lance Keltner
Lance Keltner

Austin, TX 5-2-16

Vibe-Bro Army
Army of Vibe-Bros!

Austin, TX 5-27-16

Chris King Robinson
Chris King Robinson

United Kingdom Tour - Summer 2016

United Kingdom 6-16-16

Chris King Robinson
Chris King Robinson

Stage Rig - Summer 2016

United Kingdom 6-16-16


Michael Landau

Michael Landau

"Thank you Shin-ei for making this beautiful musical instrument. The Vibe-Bro has all of the soul of the original and more."

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

"My new Vibe-Bro kills it! This thing has THAT SOUND, just like my original Uni-Vibe! Thanks to my boy Dustin Sears from Shin-ei for building this for me!"

Doyle Bramhall II

Bramhall II

"It's the closest thing I've ever come to a Uni-Vibe!"

Oz Noy


""I received the Shin-ei Vibe-Bro today. It sounds unbelievably good! It's the best Uni-Vibe I ever heard! I've tried them all and the new Shin-ei is by far the best one, it really nails that old sound without loosing any tone signal which is a big deal with this kind of effect“

Eric Johnson


"What an amazing recreation of the old vintage Honey and Shin-ei vibe effects!! With the true bypass and preamp circuit signal path options I can keep my tone 100% pure when I need to!"

Phil Brown


"You guys have built the dream machine! Every once in a while a device comes along that pushes a musician to refine himself and go further than he's ever imagined. Thanks so much for creating the Vibe-Bro!"

Carson Brock


""I love my Vibe-Bro because I think it does complete justice to the old school vibe tones from the 60's and 70's. It's very analog sounding, but it also has some really innovative modern day features like the Bypass-Preamp setting. The nice folks at Shin-ei have literally nailed that classic vibe tone! I'm ecstatic about this pedal!"

Chris King Robsinson

Chris King Robinson - UK

"This is a teleportation device to the 60's. It's 'THE' original Shin-ei sound but with much needed modern ammendments. Get one while you still can!"

Lance Keltner


"The Vibe-bro is the best sounding Vibe that I have ever used. So much so that I have two, one for Vibrato and one for Chorus. Lush, thick wobbling goodness. It has that thickness and grain that only the best vintage vibes possessed.. until now!"

Mark Kassa

Mark Kassa

"Love my Vibe-Bro! Great modern version of a classic effect! If Jimi Hendrix was still here he'd own this pedal! It's like my original Shin-ei, but with all the modern updates-true bypass, works with or without the foot controller, and built like a tank. Thank you for building my custom one in red, LOVE IT!


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